About Joe Jackson Law Firm

Many individuals and families living and working in Alabama face problems requiring legal advice and representation. As a solo practitioner, I represent clients in a variety of legal matters, from obtaining compensation for injuries sustained in a car accident, to holding doctors and hospitals liable for substandard medical care.

I provide a full service law practice located in Birmingham, Alabama, but vigilantly pursue justice for clients in every county in Alabama. For more than a decade, I have been protecting the rights of those involved in accident resulting in personal injury, to legal issues arising out of fraud, insurance disputes, consumer litigation and business litigation at both the state and federal levels.

Over the years, I have settled or tried several multi-million dollar cases, with the single focus of getting the best results possible for my client. I have the legal experience to handle your problem or claim. I invite you to contact me, directly, to discuss your questions, concerns and legal options. I can provide the answers you need and information you require.

If you or someone you know has been injured or harmed and needs legal representation in Alabama, please contact me, directly, for a free consultation. Let someone with experience help you see your claim through to the end.

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