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Medical Malpractice

Even doctors are negligent at times. Medical providers (including doctors, nurses, medical professionals, medical staff, hospitals and clinics) are held to a certain standard of medical care under the law. And like every other person or professional, they should be held accountable for negligent acts when they fail to perform at the level of care which is expected and required.

Medical malpractice claims typically arise out of the negligent diagnosis, care, or treatment rendered to a patient by a medical provider which results in an injury or worse outcome to the patient, which would not have otherwise occurred in the absence of negligence. Individuals and families suffering loss due to medical negligence may be entitled to financial compensation.

When medical providers and facilities fail to perform within the appropriate standard of medical care, the result is often a severe injury to the patient. This could include such things as paralysis and death. Holding physicians and medical providers accountable for falling below the appropriate standard of medical care in performing their duties ensures that appropriate care will be rendered in the future. This results in a win for both medical professionals and their patients.

If you believe that a medical provider or hospital has been negligent in providing treatment to you or to a family member, call me to discuss your legal options.